Handmade Puppet Dreams - Volume ll

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Unicycle Baby Guy


Matty Sidle
12 at :20 sec (1997)

Absurd, black & white mini films starring Unicycle Baby Guy, the nicest little chap who, waist-down, is a unicycle. All he wants to do is make friends with the galaxy's other creatures, but problem is, all he gets is his tire flattened. His only support comes from his best-estest friend ever, a talking Shoulder. 

Matty Sidle creates characters and stories for his alternate worlds in the realm of short films, flash animation, music videos and advertising. He studied filmmaking at RISD and loves working in mediums that help get his humorous and absurd sensibility across. His worked has screened at Sundance, Chicago Int. Film Fest, NY Underground Film Fest an online series for MSN and MTV.


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