Handmade Puppet Dreams - Volume lll

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Trixie and the Tree Trunks


Quintron & Miss Pussycat
5 min (2007)

After receiving a secret message from a talking “Happy Tree”, Trixie and Marsha, two woodland animals,  embark on a quest to start a band. Adventure unfolds in this puppet mini-series as Trixie and Marsha adopt glow-in-the-dark stray cats and search for a drummer.

Bandmates Miss Pussycat and Quintron mainly reside in New Orleans but travel all over the world doing puppet shows and playing music. Miss Pussycat entered the puppet world in Jr. high school at The First Baptist Church in Antlers Oklahoma as a member of The Christian Puppet Youth Ministry. Quintron is an organist and invented a synthesizer called the Drum Buddy.


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