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Guilherme Marcondes
4 min 30 sec (2006)

A short film inspired by William Blake's poem of same name, Tyger is a visual narrative with the structure of a music promotion. By blending many styles and techniques the Marcondes strives to reach a balance between the unique perspective of the story and the image of chaos that's also present in it. The project was funded by Cultura Inglesa Festival, a branch of the British Council in Brazil.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil Guilherme Marcondes started working as an illustrator while still in Architecture school. In 2000 Marcondes attended the Brazilian animation studio Lobo, working for five years with clients such as Diesel, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Following a quick stint in London directing the build-up campaign for the Europe Music Awards 2005 for MTV Networks Marcondes returned to São Paulo as a freelance artist, eventually landing in California to work at Motion Theory and continuing to direct short-films.


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